Make & Grow Your Own Herbal Medicine Chest

We’ll explore herbs to grow in your garden, as well as “weeds” you can find in your yard to use as medicine.

I’ll share my favorite herbs, tell a few stories, and help you to see plants in a way that you maybe haven’t before.

Stacy lives off grid in an 1800s style cabin in the Midwest with her husband, Doug, just like the pioneers did using beeswax candles, rainwater for washing, bathing, and drinking, and cooking on a wood cook stove. With no experience in growing a garden, raising livestock, carpentry skills, or living like the pioneers did, Stacy studied day and night to unlearn all the things we were taught about our health, living self-sufficiently, growing food & herbs, and raising animals.

Many years earlier, Stacy had been suffering health issues. The doctors and tests showed she was perfectly healthy, but she wasn’t. After much research and a naturopathic doctors help, Stacy was mineral deficient and had heavy metal toxicity. She is healthier now than ever. She even became a holistic lifestyle coach to help others in their quest to good health. Her passion is to teach others on her social media platforms about becoming your own health care provider and taking your health into your own hands through what Mother Nature gives us.

Bachelors in Education, University of Missouri, Columbia. Holistic lifestyle coach, family herbalist, and 13 years off grid intensive training program of learning how to be your own health care provider first.

Off Grid With Doug and Stacy

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