Sharon Wood

Menstrual Cycles and Aromatherapy

  • How to use your menstrual cycle as a performance tool to get better results in your life.
  • Learn the four phases of your cycle and how to identify them in yourself and then use the strengths of each phase
  • Using essential oils to support you through every phase of your cycle

Sharon is the Founder and Director of Emgoddess, a unique entity focused on changing perceptions and attitudes towards a topic not overtly discussed – a woman’s monthly cycle.

Establishing Emgoddess in 2015, Emgoddess is now the vehicle through which Sharon can consolidate not only her own professional corporate journey, but her passion to educate and empower others.

Sharon has worked with elite aspiring athletes and female leaders on topics of performance, confidence, mindset, connection, sexuality and relationships. Showing them how to get great results using their menstrual cycle.

Holding qualifications in holistic aromatherapy from The Tisserand Institute of London, combined with multiple certifications in Herbalism, Natural Fertility Management and Specialised Aromatherapy, Sharon has also worked as an Aromatherapist, including teaching aromatherapy at the Reflexology Academy of Brisbane and the International College of Holistic Aromatherapy. Sharon also has a certificate I as a meditation coach.

Today she is driven to change the negative attitudes towards women’s cycles by creating a way of looking at the cycle as a positive thing. The Emgoddess program she has designed not only establishes deeper insights and understandings, but creates a language and point of reference for both males and females to engage in the philosophy and surprisingly have fun with the concept.

  • Tisserand Institute – Diploma of Holistic Aromatherapy
  • Certificate in Herbal Medicine
  • Certificate I in Meditation as Medicine Coach

I have worked with Sal Battaglia over the past 25 years, working with him and teaching for his school.


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