Sara Jo Holmes

EOs Start with Plants #theresaplantforthat

The most important thing I suggest you do when learning this art and science is to start at the beginning. I recommend your aromatherapy journey begin by becoming familiar with the plants.

The popular saying “ There’s an oil for that” should really be.. “There’s a plant for that.”

Knowing the plants from which the essential oils are extracted is an important first step, which is often forgotten.

Learning the plants botanical names, the terroir, the growing habits, the various parts of the plants used for distillation and how they are distilled or extracted, the chemical properties of the plant, safety issues or precautions, sustainability concerns and of course once distilled.. the chemistry and basic therapeutic actions of the oil. Every nuance of the plant is reflected in the essential oil. As a professional registered aromatherapy educator I believe it’s critical you start your aromatherapy education where it all begins, with the plants.

Hello, I’m Sara Jo Holmes and I’m from Central Illinois. I live in a small rural community, Tuscola.

I retired from teaching CAM, Aromatherapy and Massage Therapy at Parkland College for ten years. My practice continues to focus on teaching both massage students and community groups on the benefits of using plants, aromatherapy and essential oils in conjunction with other complementary therapies such as meditation, sound, teas, and energy balancing.

I love what I do and have had case studies published in IJHPA, NAHA and AIA. I have given classes via AIA on teleconference too. Two years ago I was a featured guest educator at the AMTA conference. I consider my practice one based on supporting therapists, neighbors and all who are interested in how to feel better and live happier through nature.

My initial Aromatherapy Certification was in early 2000 with Bev Hawkins via the West Coast School of Aromatherapy program.

Then I met and trained in person for several years with Sylla Sheppard Hanger at The Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy in Tampa. Sylla remains a mentor today. Marge Clark does not have a school but we clicked and I have learned tremendously from her vast knowledge. I think in my 18 years of practice I have studied with almost everyone: Tisserand, Andrea Butje, Joy Bowles, Madeleine Kerkhoff, Johnathan Benevides, Jane Buckle, Jade Shutes, and too many more to list. I have a BS in organizational management, I am an LMT with NCBTMB certification and BCTMB cert. My interests are diversified by over the years I have focused more on healing emotional issues such as grief, anxiety, depression and all work in compassionate care of ourselves and others.

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