Rodney Schwan

Palliative & Wellness Aromatherapy Pharmacy Standards, Compounding, and Blends

This topic of Palliative Wellness Aromatherapy will address the model for preventative wellness and palliative aromatherapy to be defined upon diagnosis of a potential end of life diagnosis and how specific aromatherapy blends merge with Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs address quality of daily life to the end of life care. The presenter will focus upon Pharmacy Standards, Compounding, and safety standard blends as established through the Institute for Palliative Medicine & San Diego Hospice. Formulations have been updated with evidence research to support the following compounded blends with the protocol for applications.

The blends to be presented will be:

  • Lavender Bath – for Anxiety & Tension Pain
  • Citus Synergy Blend – for Emotional Wellness
  • Lavender Rose Cream – for Anxiety and Sleep Hygiene
  • Synergy Blend – for Sleep Hygiene and Spiritual Suffering
  • Clear Air – for Malodorous Wound Care

Rodney Schwan founded and coordinated palliative aromatherapy pharmacy, clinical applications, and education with the Institute for Palliative Aromatherapy at San Diego Hospice treating over 60,000 patients. Rodney was featured in scientific aromatherapy and medical journals, articles, and has been a  speaker at IFPA and AIA Aromatherapy conferences.

He has spent over 4 decades in evidence-based development of medical with clinical wellness from early childhood development and elderly care. He has advanced herbal and essential oil quality standards with award-winning skincare spa therapy products to include medical standards for pharmacy compounding from wellness care to palliative medicine and has established BRN Nursing CE, national continued education, in wellness and compassionate care aromatherapy education.

Rodney is a certified Holistic Aromatherapy Practionioner,  Esthetician, and Massage Therapist. He was the AIA Research Director, volunteer Faculty at Scripps and UCSD Medical Centers in San Diego CA. He is the owner of Aromatherapy Institute and Spa where he practices aroma, massage, wellness, and facial, and cosmeceutical therapy with his brand of Rodney Schwan Skin & Wellness Care products.

California Certified Esthetician, 500 hr Massage Therapy at the Wellbeing Institute for Massage, over 200 Hr Certified Aromatherapy with Valerie Worwoods Aroma Genera IFA training, Aromatherapy certificates with Victory Edwards, Gabrielle Mojay, and Robert Tisserand. Holds certificates in Reiki, Wellness Care (Sacred Art of Living and Dying), and is a Certified Chaplain through Temple of Peace, Maui HI.

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