Robert Tisserand

Essential Oil Research Updates

Robert Tisserand will be answering questions relating to the past, current and future development of aromatherapy with particular reference to research.

Robert Tisserand is a British/American author, educator and consultant on the evidence-based safety and benefits of essential oils. Active since 1981, he has delivered 35 lectures and conference presentations, 102 full-day seminars, and well over 300 days of live course education.

He has inspired live audiences in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Czech Republic, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Korea and Japan on topics ranging from therapeutic action to safety. Robert’s Essential Oil Safety, a comprehensive text on the chemistry and toxicology of using essential oils, has become the industry standard for safety guidelines.

Robert is a lifetime honorary member of AIA, NAHA, IFA and IFPA, and he was privileged to receive an AIA Lifetime Achievement Award in Denver in 2007. He is the principal of the Tisserand Institute, an online education platform providing expert and evidence-based education in essential oils.

Robert Tisserand is a qualified massage therapist, with certificates in applied kinesiology, reflexology and advanced manipulative therapy.


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