Rafael Parducci V.

The Search for “EL DORADO”

Into the Republic of Ecuador a life experience in it 3 regions and the research of common and new essential oils and natural incenses aromas, with an incredible success that will need a huge lifetime to finish to experience exotic spirits. A mission to protect the Amazon jungle and to create a green shelter to be auto sustainable working with the Aromatic products.

My principal experience is to work with  essential oils, natural incenses, and medicinal plants extracts productions. With 22 years in this field I have a lot of experience in both diverse common and newly-discovered essential oils. I am on a search to serve mankind with the natural products from the Republic of Ecuador that have Amazing Aromatic plants diversity.

4 years architecture, later a spiritual path into Yoga and shamanic area. Some studies on medicinal plants in Cienfuegos Cuba, Toronto Canada,percolates and medicinal tinctures Chivari Italy on modern distillation units. Alternative medicine learning like neural therapy an some acupuncture. To finally the shamanic learning to heal with sacred and medicinal plants and extracts.


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