Rachel Ginther

Connecting to the Earth, Connecting to the Plants

Basic biology tells us we need the life sustaining products and processes that plants provide — to eat, provide shelter, to breathe. And we think nothing of this, it’s business as usual. What if there was something more? What if you were able to enhance and expand your connection to the natural world that encompasses us? How might that change your life and the lives of all you encounter?

How does having a personal, conscious, energetic connection to the Natural world amplify our ability to self-heal, to be present, to help others?

Explore the possibilities that emerge when finding your unique connection to Earth/Gaia and being in conscious communication with the plants.

Rachel has been making Flower Essences, Aromatherapeutic and Herbal products for over 30 years. She has done over 10,000 sessions which have included: bodywork, energywork and health/lifestyle consults. She also teaches and mentors those looking to take charge of their own well-being and transformation. She has a NFP conservation/land stewardship in Upstate NY called A Promise to Gaia.

Massage Therapy, many different modalities of bodywork & energywork, herbalist, aromatherapist, flower essences practitioner and co-creator.

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