Rachael Dean

Essential Business Basics: Getting the Blend Right for Success

Rachael Dean loves supporting people with their businesses and understanding the details that need to go into a successful business launch and how to figure out how to be all things in a sole business.

Topics Include:

  • Websites
  • SEO
  • Social Media
  • Tools to support and simplify the backend
  • Headline Analyzer – to help you make good SEO headlines
  • Using AI to help to think of video titles, product title names, blog title names, helping with outlining copy to increase scheduling social media posts in batches
  • Analyzing websites and each webpage and gives you ideas on how to make it better and more user friendly and rank higher with SEO
  • Lots of different tools such as Squarespace, and Later

Rachael loves helping people find their passion and explore natural alternatives for their health and wellness. In the summer of 2014, she was introduced to essential oils and her life path and career changed to focus on finding work & life balance and found essential oils to be a vital part of this journey.

Upon finishing University where she studied business and marketing, she became a successful Sales Rep for a large book printing company. Rachael’s career has spanned from book manufacturing, corporate sales, entrepreneurship and her working in her families business in the Arts with her father day to day.

She ran her own Aromatherapy practice as the founder of Happy Oils and was named the Platinum winner of the The Hamilton Spectator Readers Choice awards for the Aromatherapist category! Since opening Essentria with Nikki and Rhonda her focus is on educating new students through the school and working at her family business.

Rachael is a Certified Aromatherapy Health Professional (CAHP) and also was a member of the Board of Directors with the Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists 2017 – 2019 (Vice President & Social Liaison Director). Furthermore, she is also a Certified Reflexologist.

Rachael’s overarching passion is working with and supporting her clients and students and overseeing the business side of things in all she does.

  • NAHA Level 3 Certified – Certified Aromatherapy Health Professional with Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists
  • French Aromatherapy – studying, not finished certification
  • Materia Aromatica – Essential Oil Profiles & Anatomy/ Physiology/ Pathology – Certified by Joyessence
  • Aroma Massage – Certified by Joyessence
  • Facial Workshop – Joyessence with Joy Watson and Julie Fischer Intro to Aromatic Medicine – Mark Webb
  • Essential Oils from the Land Down Under, a study of Aromatic Therapies – Mark Webb
  • Natural Botanicals & Creams & Lotions Program – Healing Fragrances with Danielle Sade
  • CO2 Extracts – Mark Webb
  • Aromatherapy Insight Cards – Jennifer Jefferies
  • Aromatherapy Business Training – Jennifer Jefferies
  • Reflexology Certification – Reiki
  • Train the Trainer – Beginners to Advanced Certification – TJ Walker


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