Prashanti Lyree

Connecting to the Sacred Through Scent

Throughout history, scent has played an important role in religious practices and rituals. Many religions, including Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, and Christianity, have used incense and other aromatic substances in their ceremonies as a way of honouring the divine and creating a sacred atmosphere. The use of scent is thought to stimulate the senses, allowing people to connect with the spiritual realm and enhance their meditation or prayer. In some cultures, specific scents are associated with certain deities or rituals, and burning these fragrances is believed to bring the worshipper closer to the divine.

The sense of smell can be a potent resource that we can utilize on a daily basis to enhance our meditation and prayer practices. By connecting people with something greater than themselves, these practices can help individuals find peace in their daily lives. In this presentation, Prashanti will show some straightforward methods to incorporate these tools into your daily routine.

Prashanti’s passion for natural therapies extends beyond her work as a formulator and therapist. She has been practicing classical yoga under the tutelage of a Yogacharya (Master of Yoga) for over 20 years and has undertaken shamanic training in the Andean Wisdom traditions. She combines these practices for a grounded, earth-based approach to spiritual practice.

Prashanti’s dedication to her work has earned her a reputation as a highly respected expert in her field, with a commitment to creating effective and sustainable products that benefit both her clients and the environment.

  • Clinical Aromatherapy (2000+ hours)
  • Aromatic Medcine Skill set (Australia)
  • Diploma Massage Certificate IV reflexology
  • Diploma of Personal Care Science

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