Oriol Blanch

Steam Distillation with Intention, Intuition, and Purpose

Distilling locally and what is alive; the changing environment provides drought and heat resistant plants on our doorstep. These are the plants that may be distilled, rather than wanting to produce above and beyond what nature offers. This means Km0 aromatherapy. This means supporting many local distilleries rather than few aromatherapy giants. It means maximizing resources such as water and carefully choosing how, where and when to harvest.

Oriol Blanch co-founded EssènciesCat with Frances Bartlett and Nicola Gory in 2014: an artisan distillery of pure, therapeutic quality essential oils and hidrolates. Blanch is the distiller and general manager. The team created ‘Rhizome’ Healing Arts Centre in the distillery to hold immersive aromatic experiences directed by holistic health professionals in 2022.

Blanch is a licensed psychologist from the University of Barcelona with a PhD course in ADHD from the same university. He holds a Masters in Group Therapy Treatment from the university of Buenos Aires and worked for a decade in prisons and with teenagers at risk of social exclusion. Blanch became an aromatherapist in 2014, studying with Laia Naturopathy School and founded EssènciesCat in the same year. He also studied Mediterranean Flower essences, herbal remedies and micology.



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