Nicole Boukhalil

Myrtle Mystique, Modern Myrtle!

  •  Sacred Roots and Mythology: Dive into the history of green myrtle and its mythological symbolism in ancient Mediterranean civilizations. Uncover the sacred roots that contribute to its cultural and religious importance in various tradition
  • Botanical Brilliance: Examine the unique features and qualities that make green myrtle a botanical gem. Explore the balanced composition of the Myrtle essential oils from Lebanon and several Mediterranean countries
  • Beyond Essential Oils, the Unknown Myrtle: Shed light on lesser-known facets and hidden potentials of all parts of the myrtle plant. Delve into the traditional uses of myrtle in Lebanese and Mediterranean Folk medicine
  • Culinary traditions: Uncover the unique role of myrtle in gastronomy around the Mediterranean basin.
  • From tradition to contemporary contexts: Illustrate the enduring interplay between nature and modern times and how myrtle continues to captivate and inspire in the contemporary world of aromatherapy. Learn about the current applications and ongoing research on myrtle’s health benefits.

Nicole BouKhalil is a Doctor of Pharmacy and a Clinical Aromatherapist. She holds a Master in Public Health and a diploma in natural cosmetics. She studied Phytotherapy, Aromatherapy and Medicinal Plants in the faculty of Pharmacy of La Timone in Marseille, France, and underwent further trainings in medical and clinical aromatherapy in France, the UK.

A pioneer in introducing aromatherapy practice to Lebanon, Dr Boukhalil is committed to promoting aromatherapy, both among the general public and the healthcare professionals.
She teaches aromatherapy for everyday use and gives lectures and workshops throughout Lebanon to raise awareness about the benefits of aromatherapy.

Dr Boukhalil initiated the first clinical aromatherapy services in a hospital setting in Lebanon and trains healthcare professionals in clinical aromatherapy. Nicole believes in the holistic approach to reach optimal health care and well-being. She offers clinical aromatherapy consultations in a multi- disciplinary clinic in Beirut as part of the integrative approach for the patients.

In her pharmacy in Beirut, she counsels on natural and plant derived products and creates aromatherapy blends tailored to her customer’s needs.

Her passion for essential oils led her to become actively involved in the preservation and promotion of the medicinal and aromatic plants of her country. Her aim is to promote the Lebanese the essential oils and encourage small distillers to sell their products and sustain their work, especially in the harsh conditions the country is facing.

She is an international speaker (Botanica 2022/ Botanica 2024/ II International Symposium on Aromatherapy and Essential Oils, Brazil)

Nicole is the Airmid Institute ambassador to Lebanon, serves as the NAHA Director to Lebanon and sits on the IFPA Board of Directors.

In addition, Nicole is an avid hiker and a marathon runner.

  • Pharmacy school
  • Public health, epidemiology and statistics.
  • Natural dermocosmetics blending.
  • Phytotherapy, Medicinal herbs and aromatherapy (France)
  • Clinical and scientific aromatherapy (France)
  • Medical aromatherapy in clinical settings (France)
  • Aromatherapy for cancer care (UK)
  • Clinical Aromatherapy for hospitals and hospices (UK)
  • Essential oils safety (Tisserand Institute)
  • Essential oils kinetics (Tisserand Institute)
  • Essential oils chemistry (Tisserand Institute)
  • Formulation (Tisserand Institute)
  • Aromatic sentinel, end of life care (Essentia nobilis, Jonathan Benavides)
  • Hydrolat distillation training in Lyon, France.

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