Michael Scholes

The Aromatic Journey: Remedies Towards Happiness and Joy

Essential oils and combinations are vital to life but are only one part of the aromatic equation. They can help solve complex physical and emotional challenges that address specific conditions and symptoms. Aromatic Remedies go beyond blends or synergies. They are solutions to all aspects of the human condition and address the physical, emotional, mental, psychological, spiritual, and energetic, in addition to the masculine feminine mood, and heart, as well as detox, stress relief, and recovery.

Made with intention and purpose, every remedy addresses one aspect of the human condition. After all, we are one body with multiple layers and intricate connections to the whole. How we feel, where we suffer, what we think about, where we see joy, and address matters of the heart are all part of the same journey.

In this presentation, you will see how remedy-based aromatic solutions can affect every part of your life, from healing the past and the present to aligning with your future. It will include when to apply, how often, what to pair with, and how to layer.

Michael Scholes has over 36 years and 100,000 hours of experience in essential oil formulation and is an essential oils specialist and master botanical formulator. He is the owner of the Virginia-based Laboratory of Flowers. Michael’s library contains over 750 essential oils, 1750 specific blends, and 100 master life-changing formulations. This is one of the world’s most comprehensive collections of essential oils, synergies, remedies, and formulations. Michael divides his time between writing, lecturing, consulting, product development, research, treatment design, and resourcing essential oils worldwide. He focuses on offering the opportunity to experience multiple varieties of organic, wild, rare, and precious essential oils from various countries, growing regions, and extraction methods. He has also designed several luxury spa treatments and products for the body, bath, skin, and hair. His latest specialty is Aroma + Therapy, where he focuses on the source of a person’s challenges and can suggest aromatic solutions in the form of essential oils or remedies.

Micahael Scholes trained and presented with Dr. Daniel Penoel, Pierre Franchomme, Marcel Lavabre, Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt, and John Steel. He has given over 1000 classes, including Beyond Scents, The Aromatherapy Series, Five Day Certification, a one-year Diploma, and a two-year Teacher Training Program. In addition, Scholes have offered several retreats and master programs including The New York Aromatic Healing School, NY (2003-2005) Diploma in Essential Oils Science and Healing Studies 2017-2018 (250 – 300 hrs.), and The Art and Science of Essential Oil Blending and Formulation (NY 2018, 50 hours). Scholes has over 100 topics on the subject as a guest speaker presented in evening, day, and weekend classes.



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