Melissa Holman

Virtually Creating Bespoke Blends for Transformation

Covid 19 forced everyone to move their businesses to the online space. How do you practice something that requires in-person contact in a virtual way? The Personal Aromatic Transformation (PAT) was born from this dilemma. The PAT uses a combination of the bespoke blend and meditation to train your client’s brain to move into a state of homeostasis in 20 seconds or less. Melissa has developed a method to create customized blends with her clients using the virtual space and the postal service.

Melissa will share:

  • The tools she uses to conduct this session
  • The methods of creating the blends
  • The tools required to retrain the brain

Melissa received her Aromatherapy Certification from the American College of Healthcare Sciences after well-meaning friends began offering her essential oils for the anxiety she began experiences as her hormones raged due to menopause. Melissa’s mother was a certified Aromatherapist in the early 1990s and she remembered the laborious study that went into learning about essential oils. It just didn’t sit right to have people selling their brand of wellness when formal education hadn’t been sought. Melissa began searching for schools and landed on ACHS but struggled with the decision to seek certification or degree. Her youngest son parroted back the words she had always said regarding education: “is it the knowledge or the piece of paper that you’re seeking?” That wisdom allowed her to step into the world of online learning after 20 years of being a stay-at-home-homeschooling-mom.

Melissa practices holistic therapeutic Aromatherapy and works one-on-one with clients to restore total mind, body, and spirit wellness both online and in her community.

Melissa is the producer and host of the Aromatic Chat Podcast.

  • ACHS: Aromatherapy Certificate
  • Health Coach Institute: Certified Health & Life Coach, Master Transformational Coach

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