Melani Kovac

Transforming the Aromatherapy Profession in Your Country

Overcoming the challenges:

  • utilizing aromatherapy in a medical setting (home for the elderly, hospital)
  • getting invited as a guest or regular lecturer (on aromatherapy subjects) at a College or University without adequate credentials (University of Pharmacy, Cosmetics, Sport and Physiotherapy)
  • making aromatherapy a recognized profession in your country or region, creating The National Vocational Qualification

Melani has dedicated her last two decades to promoting aromatherapy. She organizes and supports various aromatherapy projects and collaborates with colleagues, non-profit organizations, homes for the elderly, hospitals, universities, etc. In addition, she has been invited as a lecturer at many prestigious international conferences, aromatherapy associations, schools, and universities. She educated as well as collaborated with numerous aromatherapy pioneers worldwide. Her IT background, curiosity, working with diverse students, and collaborations with distillers, vendors, nurses, scientists, etc., inspired her to create Dropsmart – the most trusted essential oil resource center. Behind all of her work stands the mission to ensure that all therapists, health professionals, and students obtain accurate and credible information on essential oils and their components. Making it simple and straightforward for anyone to get science-backed information for their uses.

I graduated from Aroma Academy (Croatia), where I obtained my qualification as an aromatherapist. From there, I received numerous certificates (from around the globe) in the field ranging from Advanced Clinical Aromatherapy (France), Aroma-psychology, Advanced Essential Oil Chemistry & Pharmacology, Professional distillation, Natural perfumery, etc. In addition, I also have various certifications outside of the aromatherapy field.

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