Marika Fleri

Aromatherapy in Oncology

  • Versatility of Aromatherapy
  • My aromatic experience in oncology
  • Physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual healing with scent
  • My personal evolution
  • Taking care of myself aromatically – Care for the carer

Marika Fleri has been practicing aromatherapy for the past 20 years in Malta focusing mainly on education, promoting safe use of oils through various media. She is specialized in complementary therapy use in oncology, palliative care and with people with life limiting illnesses.

Marika coordinated The National Cancer Platform which brings together all Maltese non-government organizations working in the field of cancer and she manned a ‘one-stop shop’ concept office at Sir Anthony Mamo Oncology Center for six years. She was also the clinical aromatherapist in residence at the hospital working with other health care professionals to offer an integrative and holistic approach to treatment.

She is a VTCT Tutor, Assessor and Internal Quality Assurer.

She is the founder of The Azure Butterfly Project, a group of professional complementary therapists who are voluntarily offering their services where it is most needed and where otherwise it would be very difficult for people to have access to therapists.

Marika now runs AromaHub Malta together with Lorraine Spiteri. AromaHub’s goal and mission is to be there for clients ‘Come rain or shine, In health and in sickness, come what may …. Every step of the way’

  • June 2000 – Beauty Specialist Diploma – International Health and Beauty Council – UK
  • July 2003 – Diploma in Aromatherapy – International Therapy Examination Council – UK
  • July 2003 – Diploma in Holistic Massage – International Therapy Examination Council – UK
  • November 2014 – Advanced Clinical Aromatherapy 1 – Essential Oil Resource Consultants – Ireland
  • July 2017 – Diploma in Reflexology – Vocational Training Charitable Trust – UK
  • July 2017 – Higher Diploma in the Quality Assurance and Assessment Process – Vocational Training Charitable Trust -UK
  • July 2017 – Higher Diploma in providing complementary therapies for clients with cancer and other life limiting conditions – Vocational Training Charitable Trust- UK
  • April 2018 – Fusion Aromatherapy in Palliative Care – Knowledge Institute for Complementary Nursing Care – Netherlands

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