Mark Webb

Aromatic Cusine – Just a taste!

A very brief taste of a sample dish from my one day class upon safe aromatic usage within the culinary framework.

Learn how to safely create delicious meals, snacks & beverages using a variety of aromatics and culinary techniques.

I am the author of “Bush Sense – Australian Essential Oils & Aromatic Compounds”. I am extremely passionate about the aromatic plants of my home – Australia – and how they can be better used within the Aromatic Therapies space.

I’ve worked in the biotech industry conducting research and development using aromatics to formulate dose forms and applications for clinical trials for some fairly serious conditions & diseases, including Avian Influenza and Dengue Fever.

I’m a formulator and cosmetic chemist and extraction expert who consults internationally across a wide variety of industries including aromatics (terpenes, EOs, CO2s), the newly emerging Hemp and Cannabis industries (Endocannabinoids), cosmetics & personal care, food & beverage, nutraceuticals & pharmaceuticals.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Science majoring in Biochemistry, Plant Physiology & IT followed up with Diplomas in Massage (Remedial, Lymphatic), Aromatherapy and additional studies in Aromatic and Herbal Medicine.

I teach

  • an Advanced Diploma of Aromatic Medicine (500hrs)
  • CO2 Extracts – the How What Where When & Why (14hrs)
  • Australian Aromatics – (14hrs)
  • Aromatic Cuisine – Food as Medicine (7hrs)
  • ABC’s of Formulating (14hrs)

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