Lorrie Hargis

Are Essential Oils Effective Against Viruses?

Is it true that essential oils are antiviral You will learn:

  1. What makes essential oils effective against viruses?
  2. Which chemical families are the most important to use for viruses?
  3. How to use essential oils against viruses  
  4. Formulations to get you started

For 35 years, Lorrie has been a global leader in the development of Certified Organic therapeutic skin care, perfumes, and health care products. She has led the curriculum development and training programs at Fortune 500 companies and taught thousands of people to better their health and well-being.

She is the founder and master teacher of the Lorrie Hargis International School of Aromatherapy where she teaches, guides, facilitates, and certifies her students to be safe and effective Aromatherapists. The NAHA approves the school for Levels one, two, and three. Lorrie is the leader of the Common Scents Community where she teaches members how to use essential oils with Chinese herbs, Flower Essences, Reflexology, and much more. This has led her to develop the “Lorrie” method based on the latest scientific research which incorporates mental and emotional wellness to develop self-confidence, knowledge, and skills assuring outstanding results.

Lorrie has lived in the South of France with her husband and youngest daughter for over 20 years where she has enjoyed the beautiful countryside rich in aromatic plants and flowers. She is now passing her legacy to her daughter who is now a Registered Aromatherapist and is part of the Lorrie Hargis International school.

  • Registered Aromatherapist
  • Founder of the Lorrie Hargis International School of Aromatherapy
  • Trained in France as an Organic Skincare Formulator
  • Certified Flower Essence Practitioner
  • Certified Kinesiologist
  • Certified Herbalist
  • Certified Iridologist

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