Li Wong

Solving the Solubility Myth

There are many myths and misconceptions in aromatherapy. Li will take a deep dive into unravelling just one of these myths. Find out the TRUTH of solubility and essential oils.

Li Wong has been studying plants for over thirty years. She is a qualified aromatherapist trained in clinical aromatherapy and advanced aromatic medicine. Some of her aromatherapy focuses include clearing up misconceptions and myths, formulation, science, and energetic uses of essential oils. She is also a cosmetic formulator, a natural perfumer, and a qualified herbalist trained in family, community, and clinical herbalism. She holds two degrees in environmental science/biology, and her environmental focuses include botany, ethnobotany, and conservation.

Plant Alkemie Institute of Holistic Botanical Studies is her educational website and school. Li teaches advanced training in aromatherapy, herbalism, DIY, formulation, and perfumery. Plant Alkemie Institute of Holistic Botanical Studies also hosts classes from other aromatherapy and herbalism teachers.

I started studying plants (environmental issues, biology/botany) thirty years ago as a teen. My interests in aromatherapy, herbalism, and cosmetic formulation began twenty years ago. I have studied with over seventeen past and present aromatherapy pioneers and vintage aromatherapists over the years. Some of the teachers I have studied under are Peter Holmes, Mark Webb, Robert Tisserand, Gabriel Mojay, Madeline Kerkhof, Andrea Butje, Joy Bowles, and others. I am also trained in western herbalism. I have two degrees in environmental science (biology/botany). I am also a professional cosmetic formulator (I used to have an aromatherapy skin care and perfumery company many years ago). I am also a natural perfumer (I began learning about perfumery fifteen years ago).

Plant Alkemie Institute of Holistic Botanical Studies

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