Jennifer Pressimone

Scented Memories: Exploring Connection Between Aromas, Memories & Emotions

Jennifer Pressimone will dive into the fascinating connection between scent-triggered memories and emotions. Learn how pairing up scents can strengthen your overall health and wellbeing as well as nurture your emotional healing journey. When you understand the thoughts, feelings, and emotions that are provoked after smelling a specific scent, you deepen your understanding of yourself, and others. This experience can help you tap into those unresolved, hidden, or buried emotions you may or may not have known are there. These are the underlying root culprits that stand in your way causing self-doubt, anger, overwhelm, and lack of self-worth. Once scent helps you identify these culprits, and where they are hiding, you are now better equipped to work through them. This allows you to recalibrate to a healthier you.

On this aromatic journey, we will navigate how scent interacts with the limbic system the emotional impact of scent-triggered memories, emotional healing strategies in therapeutic settings, and how clients can benefit from aroma-based memory recall.

Jennifer Pressimone is CEO, clinical aromatherapy educator & master formulator at JennScents, Inc. Her passion is empowering others with holistic health solutions to provide a greater impact in psychological well-being through mentored programs and products. She has over two decades of experience working with thousands who want to elevate their health with holistic solutions. By addressing the mental and emotional connection related to health challenges, Jennifer helps others create personalized aromatic blends and holistic plans to finally feel energized and motivated to live their best life. She is the author of numerous books and the 2023 recipient of the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy Lifetime Achievement Leadership award.

An internationally recognized expert and speaker in the field of holistic aromatherapy and personal development, Jennifer has been featured in numerous publications, podcasts and conferences. She is a graduate of the University of Central Florida with a bachelor’s degree in psychology, Spiritual PhytoEssencing Diploma, as well as numerous holistic health and aromatherapy certifications. She is a Level 3 Clinical Aromatherapy Member, Regional Director, and Vice-President for the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA). Her favorite role is being a pet mom, auntie, and great auntie.

Jennifer is a graduate of the University of Central Florida with a bachelor’s degree in psychology, diploma in Spiritual PhytoEssencing with Dr. Bruce Berkowsky, Certified Natural Health Consultant, and numerous holistic health and aromatherapy certifications including TCM, chakras, herbalism, flowers essences, holistic biochemical blood analysis, palliative care, and more.


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