Jennifer Eden Clark

Positive Aromatic Conditioning

Positive Aromatic Conditioning takes advantage of the way are brains create scent memories, due to the direct connection that our nose has with our brain, specifically the limbic part of the brain, which is the seat of memory, mood, and emotions. So, it is no wonder, considering this connection, that these scent memories get developed. But they were all created in the normal course of living.

The process of Positive Aromatic Conditioning, is instead the intentional creation of a positive set of scent memories and emotions, paired with a particular blend of essential oils. This is done by creating a “Happy Place”, real or imagined, using the five senses to thoroughly experience and establish this place in the mind and developing the emotions we want to feel in this place. Then we either create a custom blend or choose a pre-made blend to pair with this “Happy Place”. We begin to condition the person to see the place and feel the positive emotions associated with it and instruct them to further the conditioning using the same process 1-3 times a day for the next week until they can simply smell the blend and immediately feel all the positive emotions and “see” the place in their head.

I “discovered” essential oils through soap-making. I bought my first aromatherapy book in 1999 and read it while I nursed my 4th child. I practiced on my family for the next 8 years with great results and decided I wanted to learn more when my 5th child was 3 years old in 2007. I enrolled in American College of Healthcare Sciences, becoming certified (2008) and then receiving a Master of Aromatherapy Diploma (2011). I am also registered through the Aromatherapy Registration Council (2010-present).

I have received advanced training through 2 resident courses in France with Rhiannon Lewis and with Madeleine Kerkhof in Washington state and I have attended numerous professional conferences–Botanica2012 & 2020, AIA and NAHA conferences. I served on the AIA Executive Board as secretary (2018 & 2019) and on their Conference Committee (2019).

  • American College of Healthcare Sciences: certification, Master of Aromatherapy Diploma, 200++ hours of coursework.
  • Aromatherapy Registration Council: became qualified first in 2010, renewed 2020
  • Advanced Clinical Aromatherapy, resident courses 1 & 2 w/Rhiannon Lewis in France
  • Palliative Care Training w/Madeleine Kerkhof
  • Attended numerous AIA and NAHA conferences, Botanica 2012 and 2020
  • I use homeopathy but do not have professional training in it

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