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Emily Carpenter flew across the country to interview Jeanne Rose in her San Francisco home and capture her 55+ years in aromatherapy and herbal medicine in this only in-person interview at The Aroma Summit.

They discuss the correct way to smell an essential oil, hydro distillates, hydrosols, aromatic bathing, and the importance of a shared aromatic vocabulary.

Jeanne says she’s lived 10 lifetimes within one single lifetime by following the plants and her heart. May her stories inspire you to do the same.

This California native daughter is an international authority on the therapeutic uses of herbs, essential oils, and hydrosols. Ms. Rose is a well-known teacher, having written 25 books on these subjects as well as three home-study courses on aromatherapy, herbs, distillation, and essential oils.

She has taught and written about Natural Perfumery. She is President Emeritus of NAHA, Executive Director of “the Aromatic Plant Project’ which encourages the production and growth of plants for hydrosols and essential oils, and her history has been added to the University of California’s Bancroft Library, the Oral History Department, for her contributions to California’s history in rock and roll fashion, as well as herbalism and aromatherapy.

Jeanne Rose was awarded “The Life Time Achievement Award “ in two disciplines, Natural Perfumery and Natural Botanical Distillation.


  • St. Catherine’s Academy, Benicia, CA.
  • Antioch Grammar School, Antioch Junior High, Antioch High School – 12th grade
  • BA from San Jose State College.  Zoology major, Marine Biology minor. 1960.
  • Graduate Studies. The University of Hawaii, Ethnobotany of the Hawaiians. 1957
  • Graduate Studies. The University of Miami Marine Laboratory. 1960 (full scholarship)


  • Hopkins Marine Station, Marine Biology. 1957.
  • Goethe Scholarship, Desert Ecology. 1957.
  • Lifetime Membership in NAHA – National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy – 1996
  • 2011 – Lifetime Achievement award for work with the Aromatic Plant Project from the Natural Perfumers Guild in the first-ever Fleur Awards, 2011.


  • San Jose State College, Effects of Calcium and Potassium in the lymphatic system, 1957-1960.
  • San Jose State College, teaching assistant, general biology and botany, 1957-1960.
  • San Jose State College, research assistant, Animal Studies, 1957-1960.
  • San Jose State College, library research, Ethnobotany of Modern and Ancient Peoples, 1956-1960.
  • University of Florida Agricultural Experimental Station, Leesburg, Florida, 1960-1963. Specialized in honey bee studies, worked as a Field Assistant in pesticide and fungicide studies, effects of 2,4,5,-D and 2,4,-T on Cucurbits, Field Entomology
  • Life Learning Experience – talking to, asking of, studying various ethnic groups and cultures and learning as much as possible about these people’s various uses of herbs in medicine and body care, including cosmetics and aromatic applications.    Began in 1948 through college and graduate school into the present.  1948 – 2023.


  • Numerous conferences and seminars on herbal medicine from 1960-present.
  • The Healing Mind with Irving Oyle, 1977.
  • Ways of Healing Seminar, Renee Dubos, David Sobell, etc. 1976
  • Observed and assisted Dr. John Emery, plastic surgeon.  1977-1980.
  • Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, Intensive. 1976
  • Several useless correspondence courses (I decline to identify them) in herbal medicine.

Instructor; University of California Extension; Santa Cruz & San Francisco.  1972-1982.

  • History of Herbal Medicine;
  • Herbal and Aromatic Therapies; The Apothecary, etc.
  • Instructor of Herbal Studies Programs, 1969 to present.
    • subjects:  Herbs for Women, Pets, Men’s Herbs;
    • Herbs for Rejuvenation & Anti-Aging;
    • Kitchen Cosmetics;
    • Natural Body Care for the Professional;
    • Aromatherapy for Mind & Body;
    • Ritual Work.
  • Organic Chemistry- Aromatic Chemistry of Natural Products, 1997-1998.
  • California Community College Teaching Credential in Botanical Science, #122319.

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