Jane Lawson

Using Essential Oils to Treat the Underlying Emotional Root Causes of Ailments

I’ll share the model in my book that helps home users and therapists alike to have a ‘working model’ they can follow to make the right selection of Essential Oils for what ails them.

The model is based on the emotional (fruit/seed oils, the seasons and elements), mental (flower oils, they have catch phrases like Bringer of Light, Journey within), Relationships which include with self (Trees, and associated famous people), Physical (the herb oils) and finally Dreams & Aspirations (the exotics/resins/grasses and each has an Archangel associated and a question).

I did my Clinical training with Irene Latter who trained with Marguerite Maury, Danièle Ryman and Eve Taylor amongst others, I learnt Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage which included the face as the massage technique at Clinical level. We also learnt feet and hand reflexology and product making besides a LOT more about EO’s, more in depth A&P and Pathology etc. I then went to another Scottish school (Irene’s recommendation) to extend my Reflexology training at Scottish School of Reflexology with Douglas Bell. That’s when I learnt a lot more reflexology including facial and stomach reflexology. Metamorphic Technique and Polarity Healing.

I was privileged to learn and treat amputees under Douglas’ tutelage combining Reflexology, Metamorphic and Polarity. That was when I learnt and had first-hand experience of how to deal with major trauma. From there I went back to Irene for more training. This time it was KaHuna Bodywork (Lomi Lomi, is what you see on YouTube) with Rosalie Samet who introduced this modality to the UK 30 years ago. Irene then brought Janet Morgan, Crystal Healer, Dowser and Ascension/Channelling teacher to Glasgow. That’s when I learnt to dowse for Essential Oils.

I also did Ascension and Channelling training with her. I then crossed paths (as you do) with Jeannette Robinson (an Australian) a 4th Lineage Usui Reiki Master Teacher. So, I studied and qualified up to Reiki Master level with her.

When the Grenfell Tower fire happened, I set up a team of amazing therapists and we provided free treatments to the survivors, families who lost relatives and fireman for 6 months.

I started teaching just over 25 years ago. Besides Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Essential Oil Practitioner, and the Clinical level of the afore mentioned, I have also developed Metamorphosis Therapy©, Touch Finger Therapy©, Kuan Yin doh© and Chakra Trilogy – A Year of Transformation©. I also teach KaHuna Bodywork. I select my students after an informal chat, not everyone cuts it. Oh, and I’ve written an Aromatherapy ‘workbook’, with book II in the pipework.

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