Hana Tisserand

Aromatherapy Safety Myths

We live in times of fast information, which means that claims can travel faster than the speed of light. I will address six common myths related to the safety of essential oils – three that create too much caution, and three that create careless use.

This shall show you the importance of verifying claims, going deeper in any particular issue, and understanding the nature of essential oils.

Hana is the captain of operations and communications at the Tisserand Institute. She is also our course moderator as well as tutor, and writer of some of our articles. She has a unique perspective on how information about essential oils is sourced, processed and communicated.

She was born in Prague, Czechia, and now lives in Southern California, and brings a strong background in French and English translation and interpretation that’s proven essential for the Tisserand Institute’s global student base.

Being raised in a family of doctors and nurses had primed her for a specialization in medical translation, which she counts alongside her experience working with politicians, authors, and educators. She has been working with Robert Tisserand for eight years, but her love for essential oils, perfumes and fragrances runs even deeper, as does her deep appreciation for fine teas and coffee.

8 years apprenticeship with Robert Tisserand.

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