Greg Trevena

Mango Myrtle and Pineapple Myrtle – 2 New Essential Oils

An Introduction to two new Australian essential oils – Mango Myrtle & Pineapple Myrtle.

An introduction to the aroma, chemistry, emotional benefits and medicinal properties of these two oils.

I spent over 30 years learning about the very diverse, native Australian ecology and the plant species that were used by Australia’s indigenous people and people since European settlement.

We are a pioneer grower of new Australian essential oils, such as Mango Myrtle, Pineapple Myrtle, Byron Bay Rose and several more.

I learnt in the field of Aromatherapy and Australian essential oils, there were still many valuable and interesting plants that could benefit the aromatherapy, medicinal and perfume field through Australian plants which were not presently available in the aromatherapy world.

My formal education is a Bachelor of Business in Accounting!

I learn about Australian plants in my own time, being self educated and with knowledge handed down to me by indigenous Australians and non indigenous Australians.

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