Gergely Hollódi

Natural Perfumery: Beauty and Challenges

Although I consider myself as an aromatherapist, the beauty of essential oils and later other naturals attracted me to creating botanical perfumes. In this presentation, if you have not yet discovered I would like to invite you to take a short excursion into the world of aesthetics, which could, of course, work therapeutically too.

Natural (botanical) perfumery, as the name suggests, uses natural materials such as:

  • essential oils
  • absolutes
  • CO2 extracts
  • tinctures
  • resinoids
  • waxes
  • creative materials and many more.

There is a fine line between aromatherapy and natural perfumery.

During the presentation we will explore:

  • the differences and similarities between therapy and aesthetics
  • the challenges and the beauties of creation
  • some regulations and possibilities
    and tools for creation.

Gergely holds a BA in English teaching and after a 12-year long period spent in the advertising-marketing world decided to change his life and started his journey in the field of healing. Gergely is a graduate of the Cortiva Institute: Seattle School of Massage and is a nationally certified (NCBTMB) and Washington state-licensed massage therapist. He completed the Master’s Apprenticeship program with the School for Aromatic Studies in Seattle. He is a professional member of the International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists (IFPA).

He lives in Budapest, Hungary, where he practises massage as a certified therapeutic massage therapist and offers aromatherapy courses to the public. He is the lead instructor in Hungary for the School for Aromatic Studies in his school Aroma Botanica. He always continues his study of alternative medicine/herbal medicine and is a certified phytotherapist.

Gergely is the co-creator of the ‘Beyond the Essential Oil Recipe’ Summit as well as the Tongue of the Trees Aromatherapy Oracle cards with Elizabeth Ashley, aka The Secret Healer. He is the Founder of Budapest Drops and the Editor in Chief of Aromatika magazine, a quarterly English-language holistic e-journal focussing on aromatherapy, herbalism, natural perfumery, related applications and traditions covering various complementary therapies.

  • BA in English (Hungary)
  • LMT (Cortiva Institute, Seattle, WA)
  • Dipl. AT (School for Aromatic Studies, formerly known as East-West School for Herbal and Aromatic Studies), 300+
  • Dipl. Phytotherapist (Hungary) 2y

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