Frances Bartlett

Three Wise Trees, Aroma, Music and Art

How might essences sound? How might we deepen our connection to plants and receive their print, song and consciousness in us? Baroque composers use aesthetics and symbology to communicate the full palette of emotions and stories to us. What happens when these symbols are used to convey the energetic movement of ‘Three Wise Trees’, Aleppo pine, Cade and Cypress? ‘Espurnes Barroques’ (‘Baroque Sparks’ Music Festival) commissioned EssènciesCat to inaugurate their program in 2023 with ‘Breathe Tree’; an installation of paintings in smoke, oil on canvas and Japanese ink by Marina Berdolate with music and aroma by EssènciesCat, together with an educational project for three primary schools, commemorating 25 years of forest fires that ravished the local area.

Frances Bartlett co-founded EssenciesCat in 2014 with Oriol Blanch, psyco-aromatherapist; an artesian distillery creating wild and organic essential oils and hidrolates in Catalonia, Spain. Set in the foothills of the Pyranese and on the Mediterranean coastline, EssènciesCat harvest wildflowers, shrubs and trees as well as farming 2 hectares of aromatic plants by hand. The distillations are made on zero pressure for many hours, extracting all the active components and capturing the deep authenticity creating vibrant, alive essences.

Frances is a British cellist specialising in early music, improvisation and multidisciplinary projects.  She met Oriol Blanch, the other half of EssènciesCat and pyscologist while working together leading group spontaneous theatre sessions to adoloscents and adults at risk of social exclusion. Oriol is a liscenced pyschologist, with PhD in ADHD from Barcelona University, Masters in Group Pyschology from Buenos Aires University and a clinical aromatherapist and micologist from Laia School of Naturopathy. Frances practices ‘deep listening’ to the plants through their aroma, music and poetry. She studied music in Manchester University and performance at Trinity Music College, London. She performs as a soloist with theatre and dance companies throughout Europe and collaborates actively with artists in multidiciplinary projects.



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