Elizabeth Ashley

Whatever Happened To Aromatherapy?

Once upon a time, aromatherapy was about healing people through scent. It had connections with religious and spiritual healing and was about how an interaction with a fragrance made you feel.

Now, we class healing a verucca with tea tree in the same way.

But the truth is, whilst the action does involve fragrant molecules, it has nothing at all to do with aroma. That connection with olfaction is lost.

Let’s talk about inhalation, the science and art of taking someone on a fragrant journey. How we can use it to tap into the dark places and shadows of someone’s mind. How we can move someone’s mood from melancholy to giggly simply by strategic use of scent.

What do aromatherapists know? What do scientists know? What do the bees know? But most of all…what does the plant know and what can we learn from it?

A clinical aromatherapist with 28 years professional experience, and the author of The Secret Healer aromatherapy manuals. UK Director of NAHA, Overseas speaker for IFA, and a regular contributor to several trade journals. I live in Ludlow, Shropshire, which is on the border of England and Wales.

Mother to three children, two grown, one at senior school. Wife to The Strong Silent One (the world’s loveliest man) and hoo-mum to Bella the Staffie, a colony of bees, many shoals of tropical fish, a wormery, loads of frogs, toads, wild birds and rodent varmints as well as my dearest golden axolotl called Joel.

Trained at the Jill Bruce School of Aromatherapy and hold, diploma, advanced diploma, and certificates in medical dowsing and medical astrology. The last four years has been spent researching Lemon balm and the plant’s counter part the ancient Greek priestess if Demeter, the Melissae. This has lead me to earn bee shamanism as well as becoming a beekeeper.

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