Dr. Wendy Maddocks

Getting to know Mānuka and Kānuka Essential Oils

Mānuka (Leptospermum scopiarum) and Kānuka (Kunzea ericoides) have been familiar faces in the aromatherapy world for the last twenty or so years. However, internationally little is still understand about how they are quite different from each other and also that there is significant differences in each of the oils, based on geographical variations.

Each of the oils and key features and variances will be introduced, an overview of the existing research about both of these oils and some key take away points for practitioners to understand. Aromatherapists need to know this to enhance their practice and ensure they are buying and using the right oil for the right purpose!

My professional background is as a registered nurse and I have been involved in many aspects of aromatic health care since 1991- as a practitioner, researcher, educator and formulator. I taught Aromatherapy in NZ for over 15 years. I used to use aromatherapy as part of my intensive care nursing practice. I now offer a consultancy and formulation service and work full time as a nurse academic mainly in the post graduate area.

I was the first person to research the clinical use of essential oils to a doctoral level, where I researched an essential oil mouthwash for radiation induced mucositis. I am passionate about promoting the different therapeutic potential of NZ indigenous essential oils and for the aromatherapy world to understand their uniqueness.

I qualified in Aromatherapy and massage in 1991 in London and have completed subsequent qualifications in herbal medicine, skin care, Shiatsu and other body modalities. I do not practice as a clinical aromatherapist now. I hold a Bachelors, a Masters and a Doctorate Health Science degrees and a PG Diploma Nursing. I am also a qualified Adult educator.

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