Chloe Ellert

Essential Oils for Intimate Health Autonomy in Women

Autonomy, control, and independence are all rights that are due to women in every department of their lives, but especially in their intimate health: the emotional, physical and sexual. This topic delves into how the use of a select number of essential oils as used and applied in the treatment and prevention roles in women’s intimate health. It is of course, a very touchy topic, but one that is relevant to all women. Intimate health includes physical as well as emotional aspects, which are both important to have an understanding about when there is an imbalance. Sexual trauma symptoms also fall under this category and will have an impact on a women’s intimate health, and especially so on their mental health. It’s about being educated, having awareness, and having healing options that keep women away from toxicity and over-medicalization. Demystifying the use and application of essential oils for women: how to use them, why, when and how. Especially now, education in this instance is very powerful.

Chloe Ellert is a NAHA certified clinical aromatherapist, and a graduate from The School for Aromatic Studies, under Jade Shutes. Her practice and how she uses essential oils is dedicated to helping women, with a history of sexual trauma, on their healing journey. Ellert have been actively working with essential oils in a professional capacity for about 3 years, but they have ben a part of her life for almost 15 years, or at least ever since her mother, Cecile Ellert, got certified herself at the time. Cecile and Chloe are in the process of creating a podcast, “Orgasmic Aromatics”: a platform for women to learn more about the autonomous use of essential oils in their physical, emotional, and sexual lives (but so much more). Both Cecile and Chloe are officially an aromatic mother-daughter duo.

Chloe has also published her first book, “Unbroken: navigating women’s sexual trauma & embracing holistic and aromatic recovery”. It’s based off her master’s degree thesis topic and her own healing journey as a woman with sexual trauma.

  • Certification in Anatomy and physiology with a combined time of 100 hours. I also have a certification in Aromatic medicine with 235 hours. This including treatment hours with clients during training and studies
  • Level 1 reiki certification
  • Master’s degree in sexology


Aroma Sex Therapy

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