Cécile Ellert

Quantum Aromatherapy to Ease Disease Prevention and Promote Sustainability

Quantum aromatherapy using olfactotherapy allows a very easy and spontaneous access to essential oils. This access opens up to a true and deep experience of how essential oils impact stress level, metabolism, emotional balance, hormonal activity and immunity. The simple breathing of a drop of essential oil can switch a lot of buttons. When quantum tools allow us to identify the right essential oils, we touch our inner truth. Then our energetic and subtle needs may be finally fulfilled.

Cécile Ellert, is a Franco-American NAHA certified aromatherapist, Asia Pacific Aromatherapy school (Hong Kong) graduate under the teachings of Christine Sounders. She holds a Ph.D in quantum aromatherapy, is a teacher and practitioner of holistic and quantum aromatherapy, author of 7 books, creator of a quantum healing method called Aroma Soul Therapy which she teaches in her online school AromaPro Subtile. She is nurturing the new generation of remote therapists and other talented women willing to make this world better. Today she lives in New-England and is starting a mother-daughter activity with her daughter who lives in France! Together they have created a podcast aiming at helping women to exit the toxic vicious circle most of them are caught in when using conventional medicine and beauty products. It is called Orgasmic Aromatic, where the Spiritual and Energetic meet Essential oils.

Originally a French chef, she trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shiatsu, Reiki, Massage, reflexology, Kinesiology and Yuen Method. She practiced for 10 years in various clinical settings in Hong Kong and California before offering only distance healing and coaching for the last 10 years.



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