Cathy Skipper

Aroma and Depth Psychology

I was frustrated by the lack of a coherent system to work with aroma, including essential oils and hydrosols, for personal growth. Most aromatherapy (and biomedical medicine) is focused on relieving symptoms. While this is useful in many settings, especially with physical symptoms, I find this extremely limiting when it comes to personal evolution and soul growth. In this presentation, I will be talking about ways of working with aromas within the context of depth psychology and why they are so effective within the framework of healing the whole psyche.

Cathy Skipper learnt about aroma in France where she studied and then taught at “L’ecole de plantes Medicinales’ in Lyon. She now lives with her husband, holistic psychiatrist Dr.Florian Birkmayer in an earthship at 9000 ft on a mountain in Northern New Mexico. The phase Cathy uses to describe what she and Florian do, is “On the scent of your personal Myth’. They use aromas and depth psychology to help clients journey inwards, navigating life’s stepping stones and transform their lives.

  • Drama Therapist – Central School of speech and drama, London (1985-89)
  • Herbalist and aromatherapist – Ecole Lyonnaise de Plantes Medicinales, Lyon (2000-2004)
  • Energetic Healing – Espace Son’Or – Macon (2010-2013)
  • Certified Life Coach with ICF – 2022 (United States)

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