Candice Covington

Working with Your Elemental Nature

  • Using essential oils to influence your energetic make-up and karmic patterns
  • How to identify which tattvas–the Five Great Elements–are dominant in your energetic make-up
  • Explore the energetic signature of a essential oil associated with each tattva, including their archetype, sacred geometry, sacred sound, and color

The tattvas, the Five Great Elements–earth, water, fire, air/wind, and ether/space–create and sustain not only the universe but also all of its inhabitants. Each of us has a unique combination of these elemental energies behind our personal characteristics–everything from the color of our eyes to our behaviors and emotional temperament. What tattvas are dominant in your make-up can also be influenced by your surroundings and by karma. Essential oils, in addition to working biologically and chemically, also work at the energetic level, making them ideal for working with the tattvas.

Exploring how to use essential oils to affect the very fabric of your being, allowing you to access the deepest, most hidden aspects of Self, those beyond the reach of the mind, the very energetic causation patterns that set all behaviors and thoughts into motion.

Candice Covington is a certified aromatherapist, massage therapist, healing arts master, and energy worker. A former instructor at Ashmead College (aromatherapy, ayurveda) and former primary aromatherapist for the Chopra Center, she is the founder of Divine Archetypes, an essential oil and flower essence company, and the author of Essential Oils in Spiritual Practice and Vibrational Nutrition. Currently she is an instructor at Healing Mountain Massage School (aromatherapy, crystal healing, energy healing) instructs the philosophical aspects of Flower Flow Yoga.

Candice has a new book release Spring 2025 called Inner Traditions that is aromatherapy centric.

  • Aromatherapy: American Collage of Health Care Sciences and The Chopra Center
  • Massage: Utah Collage of Massage
  • Panchakarma treatments and Energy Work Chopra Center
  • Flower Essences
  • Teachings from Cathy Kinnaird


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