Anna Papazoglou

Sourcing Close to Home

Folklore medicine all over the world has evolved through history, based on plant availability in the area. People have relied on what grows on their doorsteps for centuries and this is something recorded in traditional herbalism all over the world.

On the other hand, aromatherapy having developed through the second half of the 20th century grew in an era of Modern Globalism, International trade, telecommunications and transport. Therefore, it immediately became International rather than localized.

As a result, both practitioners and home users ended up with a short list of more or less the same essential oils to use, regardless of what country they resided in.

Is this the way to proceed?

What does that mean in terms of placing heavy demands on certain plants, rely on long and sometimes opaque supply chains, increasing our carbon footprint through international trade, increasing the risk of essential oil oxidation during their long travel and re-bottling before they become available in our local markets.

Anna believes, viable alternatives to several imported oils, grow locally, wherever we are. This way, we support our local producers, shorten the supply chain and source closer to production date.

Anna Papazoglou is an Aromatherapist based in Athens Greece and has a keen interest in non – threatened endemic plant species used in Aromatherapy. Anna supports safe use of essential oils, moderation in dosing and prioritizing the use of locally sourced essential oils derived from non -threatened plant species.

Her ultimate goal is to replace essential oils from threatened species with essential oils derived from non-threatened endemic species and to source as close to home as possible. To this end she is currently exploring the chemistry of less researched endemic plant species. Anna believes we are connected to endemic plants we’ve known all our lives and therefore using them in aromatherapy is like asking an old friend to help us out.

Studying is a lifelong project for Anna, there is so much to learn and there always will be more. She is enrolled in the Gold Standard: Advanced Diploma in Aromatherapy offered by Essence of Thyme College of Holistic Studies. At the same time, Anna attends masterclasses and seminars which offer continuing education credits. She is the Airmid ambassador for Greece, a Professional ICAN and a student member of AIA and IFPA. Anna doesn’t like “either” “or” dilemmas including the one of “pharmacology and chemistry” or “energetics”. She believes we should equally respect and use both.

  • Enrolled in the Gold Standard: Advanced Diploma in Aromatherapy offered by Essence of Thyme College of Holistic Studies (apr. 700 hours, currently half way there)
  • Accumulated a CEU
  • Trained in Traditional Yoga



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