Anna Pageau

Gardening in a Harsh Climate

Many people feel like they have a black thumb or that plants come to their homes to die. I think that is why some people turn to aromatherapy. They want to enjoy the scent of plants but don’t feel they have the capacity to grow them. Living in one of the harshest climates, Anna Pageau can attest that you can grow things, you just need to get in tune with mother nature. A few key factors include:
  • Understanding your soil – if you don’t have soil then things won’t grow. 
  •  Understanding your microclimate – In the US we have the farmers almanac or the USDA that has a guide about growing zones, but this isn’t always a clear picture. 
  • Be patient – plants are not going to grow on our timeline!

As a native of Reno Nevada, Anna Pageau has always immersed herself in the Sierra Nevada outdoors. She loves the breathtaking scenery and captures its beauty through photography. She enjoys exploring native plants while hiking and traveling.

In the mid 1990’s her young son developed allergies to several antibiotics and was diagnosed with ADHD. This led Anna to explore how plants could support her family’s health. Using plants and essential oils she was able to keep her family healthy and support her son’s immune system through these challenging issues.

While living in Jacksonville Florida, she decided to pursue a formal education in aromatherapy and achieved her human aromatherapy certification in 2015. Upon completion she began teaching workshops in the community at a local rescue farm focused on how to safely use essential oils. Her compassion for the often neglected and abused animals resulted in her obtaining her certification in animal aromatherapy in 2017. She used this new knowledge to help the animals overcome their physical and emotional abuse as well as their everyday ailments.

In 2019 her family decided to relocate “Home” to Reno Nevada to be closer to family and follow her dreams of owning a small farm. Now living on 10 acres she continues to use her aromatic knowledge to support her livestock and pets. Living in one of the harshest growing environments in the United States she has dedicated her time to showing people it isn’t impossible to have a garden. She works in the community and with youth organizations to help foster a passion for aromatic plants.

In her spare time, she volunteers working with youth organizations to pass on her gardening techniques. She has received numerous accolades from the organization. She also supports her local community by volunteering with the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT). In addition, she is an Auxiliary member with the American Legion supporting veterans and their families.

Anna has also been spending time writing about aromatherapy, gardening and herbalism on her website and is in the process of developing online classes. Her goal is to have every person growing at least one aromatic plant in their space. She believes working with a plant can give everyone a sense of calm and patience. Plants are our ultimate educators showing us the benefits of collaboration and patience to grow.

  • Certified Animal Aromatherapy Practitioner – Ashi Aromatics Inc.
  • Animal Aromatherapy Acu-point Meridian Therapy – Ashi Aromatics Inc.
  • Usui Reiki levels I, II, and Master Program
  • Aromatherapy for Natural Living – Aromahead Institute School of Essential Oil Studies
  • Aromatherapy Certification – Aromahead Institute School of Essential Oil Studies
  • Gardenary Certified Garden Consultant


Anna Pageau – Silver Anchor Farm

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