Angela Sidlo

Exploring Fragrance Energetics with AcuAroma Therapy

AcuAroma Therapy is one of the fastest growing healing modalities of the 21st century. In this class we will explore the world of fragrance energetics using the traditional Chinese medicine meridian system. Essential Oils + Acupuncture Points = Transformational Healing.

  • Balances Emotions
  • Increases Qi
  • Reduces Inflammation
  • Can be used with other complimentary modalities

Angela Sidlo will explore how energy is moved throughout the body using fragrance energetics and how you can begin using this for daily self care or add to your existing practice.

Angela is a published author, speaker, holistic health practitioner and teacher. Her work as the Oregon Director for NAHA (National Assn for Holistic Aromatherapy) allows her to share her craft with essential oil enthusiasts worldwide. Her recently published AcuAroma Therapy Card Deck has now reached 12 countries.

Her work in aromatherapy includes teaching AcuAroma Therapy for Bodyworkers and has created an AcuAroma certification program for Reiki practitioners in her online school.

Her passion is to connect with clients and students on a deeper level to bring about healing, empower them with knowledge and facilitate both personal & professional growth.

Angela loves to engage with practitioners in new ways using aromatic plant medicine to inspire and enhance their holistic practices. Continuing to learn from the essential oils and acupoints as part of the experience is very fulfilling to her. She is always eager to share fun and engaging
educational opportunities in the classroom as well as her medicine garden.

Angela Sidlo’s training and education span some 20 years beginning with Jade Shutes school of aromatic studies and Jennifer Pressimone @ Jennscents Aromatherapy School. She later studied fragrance energetics with Peter Holmes and Tiffany Carole as well as Gabriel Mojay. Angela graduated as a certified Health coach with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and became a Certified Reflexologist at the Seattle Reflexology & Massage Center. Angela is a Reiki Master teacher as well.


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