Adeline Lim

Building Aromatherapy Culture in Singapore

As aromatherapy is very young in Singapore, through various initiatives, Adeline Lim has been instrumental in building an aromatherapy culture in Singapore. Lim founded Nila Institute of Aromatherapy, accredited with both NAHA and IPFA – a pioneering institution that offers comprehensive courses and workshops on aromatherapy, essential oils and their therapeutic uses. She had the privilege of conducting workshops for esteemed schools and organizations, including Singapore Prisons, hospitals and banks (among others), empowering participants with the knowledge and skills to unlock the potential of essential oils and aromatherapy applications.

Driven by her love of nature, Adeline Lim’s journey is deeply rooted in a passion for holistic health and inspired by nature’s beauty. As a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist and Qualified Aromatherapy Educator with extensive experience in the therapeutic application of essential oils, Lim is passionate about the educational aspect of aromatherapy and its transformative power to support our physical and emotional health. She is committed to advocating for and contributing to the growth and recognition of aromatherapy as an accepted therapy in Singapore and the wider South-East Asian region.

  • Essential Oils Resource Consultant, Provence (Rhiannon Lewis),
    attended and completed Advanced Clinical Aromatherapy Level 1
  • Aromatime Aromatherapy Training Centre UK, certificate of Advanced practice, in the subject of aromatherapy level 4+
  • Aromahead School of Essential Oils Studies – Aromatherapy Teacher’s Training Program, USA
  • Attended and completed the Aromatherapy Teacher Training Program, a 100- hour long education course with Aromahead School of Essential Oils Studies
  • Robert Tisserand/The Institute of Traditional Herbal Medicine and Aromatherapy – Advanced Certificate for Essential Oil Chemistry and Pharmacology: the actions of aromatic compounds in the body, London Attended and completed a two-day professional advanced seminar by Robert Tisserand
  • VTCT (iTEC) Diet Nutrition for Complementary Therapist


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