Adam Barralet

Energetic Space and Self Clearing with Essential Oils

In our conversation with Adam Barralet we will explore:

  • Using essential oils as a healthier and more sustainable tools for energy clearing
  • How to cleanse yourself
  • The power of Juniper Berry for empaths
  • How to cleanse your space
  • What MUST be done after cleansing a space

Adam Barralet has been observing and living in tune with nature since childhood. Growing up amongst the bushland and wildlife of the hills in Western Australia and residing in various locations around the world has presented Adam with diverse opportunities to access extensive and eclectic teachings about the secrets of Mother Earth. He has used essential oils for over 30 years and teams his experiences with his background in human biology, chemistry, psychology, health sciences and massage.

He has now established himself as an international author, presenter, educator and Wellness Advocate, adept at working with essential oils, along with crystals, animal guides, tarot, astrology, angels, earth-based spirituality and mythology.

  • Tertiary Collage (3 Years) – human biology, chemistry, psychology, health sciences, massage, skin care and make-up
  • 1 Year – Sales Rep (Essentially Australia)
  • 10 Years – doTERRA Essential Oils – Key educator and speaker in Malaysia, Japan, Middle East and Australia – Blue Diamond and Australian Founding Member


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