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Your Quantum Healing Discovery Pack
from Cecile Ellert

$300 Value*

*Included in VIP ALL-Access Pass*

Master class 1

Exploration of High Frequency Essentil Oils as a Tool of Choice in the Search for Energetic Harmony and Longevity

There is more to aromatherapy than the usual application of essential oils' blends to get better. This master class introduces you to energetic prevention and harmonization thanks to olfactotherapy.

  • 💫How to benefit from frequencies of happiness to improve heart and kidney energy
  • ✨How to enjoy the power of body-mind connection in an effortless happy habit, with highly vibrating essential oils
  • 🌼What about using your essential oils everyday, without really using them?

Master class 2

"AromaSoulTherapy for Women"

In this master class, we explore why and how to take advantage of the high vibrational frequencies of some essential oils

  • 👉🏻to easily reduce Stress
  • 👉🏻harmonize the energy of the heart
  • 👉🏻to lower cortisol levels and its metabolic effects

in a few seconds a day

Simply using olfactotherapy

✨We'll dive into the simplest and most effective means to facilitate the achievement of this harmony interconnected with the joy of living and youth thanks to essential oils serving as guides to our truth, away from our chronic stress

✨AromaSoulTherapy brings a touch of magic to the classic use of essential oils: the quantum touch!

You will discover in this course that it is possible to extremely simplify your therapeutic use of essential oils.

  • No more spending time understanding what you have to find the cure
  • No need to learn aromatherapy to finally enjoy your essential oils
  • No more finding the magic formula in a book or online to meet exactly YOUR needs, especially those you don't know about
  • No need to fall back on what you find at the pharmacy because the idea of having to search for the solution exhausts you
  • No need to feel helpless in the face of your physical and emotional suffering, your lack of energy, your permanent stress, because you will finally have THE solution.

Here we have one of the greatest secrets of disease prevention but above all a great source of power for those who start using it.

Now, let's practice with the right tool!!

PLUS THE book that gives you the keys.

In this book Dr. Cécile Ellert gives you the keys to a spiritual method of healing which involves the breathing of essential oils identified energetically, to detoxify the bodies and the emotions, by responding to your spiritual and energetic needs, those that reason and deduction cannot pin point.

  • Less stress and toxicity equals less candidiasis, therefore less inflammation and chronic diseases.
  • No need to learn the basics of aromatherapy to feel better (you may do that later).
  • No need for ready made blends that only offer you symptomatic responses to your problems.
  • The quantum investigation tools presented in the book reach our personal truth, far from the self-sabotage filter of our subconscious mind.

A selection of 15 essential oils that act precisely on the harmony of the heart and kidneys is all you need for the magic to work, every day, quickly and simply, without doubt or stress. Less essential oils to use, and one of them is THE essential oil that targets the most of your harmony needs.

No more fear of using your essential oils instead of chemicals!

If you have always hesitated to use your essential oils due to lack of time to learn how to use them, or for fear of making mistakes, those days are over!

Aromatherapy Healing Practice Roadmap & Webinar
from Jennifer Pressimone

$150 Value*

*Included in VIP ALL-Access Pass*

Explore your own emotional healing potential through a guided scent-triggered memory and emotions roadmap. I created this special bonus just for Aroma Summit by AromaTrust VIP attendees only. You will get access to my Aromatherapy Healing Practice Roadmap & live Webinar that will walk you through using scent to trigger memories and emotions. Some you may be surprised by. These will give you a deeper understanding of how the emotions attached to those memories rule how you act, think, and feel today. Then, we will interpret your emotional responses to help you create a personalized wellness plan to get you started on your healing path, in life, health, and business.

BONUS VIDEOS from The Aroma Summit by AromaTrust™️ Speakers
from Emily Carpenter | AromaTrust™️

$175 Value*

*Included in VIP ALL-Access Pass*

After each interview, Emily Carpenter asked each of the speakers at The Aroma Summit by AromaTrust™️ the same 8 questions, plus a bonus question for anyone who has written an aromatherapy book. She then took those replies and made a compilation video for each question.

One or two of these videos will be shown during The Aroma Summit by AromaTrust™️ while the remaining videos will be VIP-only access.

Watch the answers to each of these questions:

  • What inspired you to become an aromatherapist (perfumer, scientist, etc…) and how did you get started in this field?
  • What’s the strangest question anyone has ever asked you?
  • How do you tell someone that they have their facts wrong?
  • Tell me about a time when you used essential oils incorrectly.
  • In what way have you collaborated with other aromatherapists or other practitioners? And how did this impact you and/or your business?
  • Tell me about a few of your favorite essential oils.
  • Tell me a story about how aromatherapy has connected you with a new person?
  • What book has most impacted your life? Aromatherapy or otherwise?

Formulating With Essential Oils Digital Workshop
from Annette Davis

$100 Value*

*Included in VIP ALL-Access Pass*

Drawing on over thirty years of Annette’s formulating experience, this digital workshop offers valuable tips to formulate various aromatherapy products while avoiding compounding disasters.

Lazy Gardener's Planner
from Anna Pageau

$9 Value*

*Included in VIP ALL-Access Pass*

The Lazy Gardner's Planner will help demystify growing zones and perennial plants. Only print the pages you need and make notes. Designed to be simple and help you succeed at whatever you grow.

e-Book: Three Wise Trees
from Frances Bartlett

$25 Value*

*Included in VIP ALL-Access Pass*

Poetry from Three Wise Trees: Pine, Cade and Cypress with art by Marina Berdolet and photos by Frances Bartlett.

Essentria Business Courses & Safety Labels
from Rachael Dean

$300 Value*

*Included in VIP ALL-Access Pass*

  1. Introduction to Business Course
  2. Business Foundations Course
  3. Safety Labels:

    Whether you are new to aromatherapy or an experienced aromatherapist, these labels will give you the information you need to use your essential oils safely.

    The labels work with all brands, include topical (dermal) maximums, dilutions, and contraindications to name a few. We also threw in some chemistry for anyone who loves to blend using chemical analysis!

Essential Oils for Psychedelic Therapy (Online Class)
from Florian Birkmayer

$260 Value*

*Included in VIP ALL-Access Pass*

Free Access to this in-depth class of 35 videos on how to incorporate essential oils into your psychedelic therapy work. Delve into the pioneering realm of integrating essential oils with psychedelic therapy. This course illuminates the transformative power of scent during these profound therapeutic journeys. Designed to both enrich your understanding and equip you with practical skills, it stands as a beacon for those seeking deeper, holistic healing experiences.

Animal Aromatherapy-Hydrosols for Emotional Balance™️ PDF Handout
from Kelly Holland Azzaro

$50 Value*

*Included in VIP ALL-Access Pass*

Animal Aromatherapy-Hydrosols for Emotional Balance and Support(tm). A PDF handout of the presentation slides. The PDF will also include a discount offer for 50% off our online courses.

A Quick Sourcing Guide and Proposed Substitutions for Threatened Species
from Anna Papazoglou

$150 Value*

*Included in VIP ALL-Access Pass*

A one-page PDF quick-sourcing guide and some proposed substitutions for threatened species.

Lavender Subscription to Botanical Aromatherapy™️ School
from Sharon Falsetto Chapman

$39 Value*

*Included in VIP ALL-Access Pass*

One year's subscription at lavender level for the Botanical Aromatherapy™️ school by Sedona Aromatics. Includes access to aromatherapy blends and herbals recipes and safety guidelines. You can upgrade to sunflower level at any time to access eclasses.

e-Book Unbroken: Navigating Women's Sexual Trauma & Embracing Holistic and Aromatic Recovery
from Chloe Ellert

$20 Value*

*Included in VIP ALL-Access Pass*

'Unbroken' was born out of my personal journey—a journey of healing from invisible symptoms of sexual trauma. It's a book crafted with care and understanding for women who have walked a similar path. Uncover the hidden gems that highlight the path of a journey—my journey, and potentially, yours. I wrote this book for you and for women like us who seek answers to the unexplained burdens of anxiety, panic, stress, and depression... or chronic intimate infections, vaginal dryness, atrophy, fear of intimacy and so much more.

Radiant Myrtle Mask for Face and Neck
from Nicole Bou Khalil

$30 Value*

*Included in VIP ALL-Access Pass*

Myrtle is renowned for its benefits on the skin. A key ingredient for facial masks, myrtle leaves powder provides tone and elasticity to the epidermis. Ideal for preventing and reducing wrinkles, It has anti-aging effect with firming and purifying properties. It also regulates excess sebum, tightens pores and balances the epidermis. A myrtle powder mask adds freshness and radiance to a dull, tired complexion. The face regains its serenity and glow. Myrtle leaves are rich in vitamin C.

A Skin Care Handout with Recipes!
from Beverley Higham

$50 Value*

*Included in VIP ALL-Access Pass*

A handout written by Beverley with skin care advice and recipes for creating your own natural products.

e-Book: AcuAroma Therapy for 9 Common Conditions
from Angela Sidlo

$27 Value*

*Included in VIP ALL-Access Pass*

This ebook covers 9 commons ailments with corresponding acupoints & essential oils to help you learn AcuAroma Therapy. You'll be excited to finally have tools to help with everyday conditions and start feeling better and helping others as you develop a daily practice. A great resource for every aromatherapist.

Subscription to Stories of Scent
from Sharon Falsetto Chapman

$40 Value*

*Included in VIP ALL-Access Pass*

One Year complimentary subscription to the VIP level of Stories of Scent. Stories of Scent is written by botanical perfumer + writer Sharon Falsetto Chapman. Learn to use scent prompts to create your next fragrance, expand your scent vocabulary with new words, and discover the stories behind my fragrance creations! Also includes our new podcast discussing how Sharon creates her fragrances and an option to listen to articles instead of reading them. This is a unique resource in the scent industry whether you are a beginner or an experienced aromatherapist/perfumer.

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from Speakers at The Aroma Summit


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