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Congratulations to all the Raffle Winners!

Aromatherapy Coaching
with David Wilson

$200 Value*

WINNER: Julia Falkenstein

3 x Aromatherapy & Essential Oil Coaching Sessions – for any aromatherapy student who would like some advise and assistance with their aromatherapy studies, or anyone starting on their aromatherapy journey and would like some advise, tips, blending and product making tips and advise, I would love to offer my time in helping anyone who would like some personal one-on-one aromatherapy coaching.

A Fragrant Memory Book
from Sara Jo Holmes

$20 Value*

WINNER: Casandra Koenig

I wrote this book about how to ease feelings of grief using complementary and alternative therapies. Full color photos with aromatherapy blends and methods of use included.

*Only ships within the continental United States.

Positive Aromatic Conditioning Virtual Session
from Jennifer Eden Clark

$100 Value*

WINNER: Wendy Alvarez

Let me take you on a journey to achieving greater emotional wellness and resilience by personally guiding you in creating your “Happy Place” and custom aromatic blend that will virtually take you to that place whenever you wish, just by smelling your blend and literally feeling all of the positive emotions you wish to associate with your “Happy Place.”

A Bundle of Three Single-Lesson Classes at the Tisserand Institute
from Hana Tisserand

$118 Value*

WINNER: Kitty Shpirer

Choose three of our single-lesson classes to sample the teaching style of the Tisserand Institute tutors as well as gain insight into a specific area of expertise of your choice.

Choices Include:

  • The Joy of Research
  • Fundamentals of Essential Oil Therapy
  • Good Formulation Practice
  • Fresh Lavender: Hand Rescue Bar
  • Essential Calculation
  • Properties and Research
  • Oxidation and Shelf Life
Certified Aromatherapist Leve1 - NAHA
from Raghda Abdelmaksoud

$599 Value*

WINNER: Ruxandra Meinze

This is an entry-level online aromatherapy Certification Course from Ebers School of Aromatherapy. No previous experience is required. applies to anyone who is interested in the therapeutic uses of aromatherapy, as well as existing health professionals such as Massage Therapists, Estheticians, Herbalists, Nurses, and Physicians.

The course covers a variety of subjects including essential oil usage, chemistry, the science of aromatherapy, anatomy, physiology, twenty essential oils data and application, four body systems, in addition to Anatomy & Physiology 1.

The course is NAHA-approved.

What is included in the Course:

  • 24/7 unlimited access to our premium online course materials, videos, and interactive lessons.
  • A solid foundation in the clinical uses of essential oils, through access to numerous videos, assignments, and several blending techniques.
  • 1- 1 carrier consultation session to guide you to the next steps in your career.
  • Mentorship

Learning outcomes:

  • You will be able to use essential oils safely and therapeutically
  • Gain new knowledge to pursue a new career and path in life
  • Learn how Aromatherapy and Essential oils can be very beneficial in helping a lot of conditions with scientific evidence-based research
  • Teach Aromatherapy to your community
  • Create beautiful natural products
  • Learn business practices and project management techniques to build your business
  • Get connected with a large community and network with Aromatherapists, distillers & educators
Choose Your Own Hydrosols Distilled By An Aromatherapist
from Cher Grosse

$150 Value*

WINNER: Randa Oueida

Raffle winners can choose three hydrosols that I will personally distill from a list of aromatics we have available from plant material local to our area here in Northern California.

The hydrosols are packaged in 3.3 ml (100 ml) glass bottles and will be shipped securely.

Choices are as follows:

  • California Sugar Pine
  • Cistus Flowers
  • Certified Organic Strawberries
  • Geranium Flowers From Our Apothecary Garden
  • Blue Spruce
  • Bitter Orange Leaf

*Only ships within the continental United States.

Aromatherapy Beginner's Kit
from Marge Clark

$144 Value*

WINNER: Cassandra Metoyer

Our starter kits are a wonderful way to begin your aromatic journey. We offer the 12 basic oils that each NAHA approved Aromatherapy Course must teach, plus essential extras for mixing and dilution. We also include a copy of our new Essential Oil Basics pocket guide.

The Essential Oils are all offered in 5 ml bottles:

  • Organic French Lavender Mailette Oil
  • Organic Eucalyptus Radiata
  • Organic Australian Tea Tree Oil
  • Organic Hungarian Peppermint Essential Oil
    Roman Chamomile (Anthemis nobilis, from Italy)
  • South African Geranium for balance
  • Our delightful Rosemary var Cineole, the gentle stimulant, and
  • Organic Lemon Rind for cleansing and refreshing
    Organic French Clary Sage, the ultimate woman’s oil
  • Organic Ylangylang Complete, wonderfully floral from Madagascar
  • Organic Sweet Orange for brightening the spirits, and
  • Organic Bulgarian Rose Otto, diluted 5% in Organic Jojoba Oil.


  • 4 ounces of Fractionated Coconut Oil
  • 1 ounce of Jojoba Oil
  • three 5 ml blending bottles
  • three 2 ml blending bottles
  • three 1 ounce plastic bottles for massage blending
  • an inhaler blank, with instructions to create your first personal inhaler
  • an Essential Oil Key to make dealing with various bottles and orifice reducers easier
  • a dozen minipipettes for measuring ease
    our Essential Oil Basics pocket guide

Everything a beginner to this healing art needs and the12 essential oils the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy lists which must be taught in any beginner’s course. If purchased separately, the essential oils alone would cost over the cost of this kit.

*Only ships within the continental United States.

All-Access Pass: 1 Year of Exclusive Aromatherapy Guest Lectures at Essence of Thyme College of Holistic Studies
from Colleen Thompson

$450 Value*

WINNER: Meredith Moreno

Enjoy 12 inspiring presentations by leaders in the field of aromatherapy, usually only available with enrollment in our programs! Every month, we offer our students a live, interactive online lecture with aromatherapy and plant medicine experts from around the world, including a Q&A at the end. Past presenters include Jonathan Benavides, Jirbie Go, Kat Maier, Mark Webb, and Jodi Baglien.

Quickstart Guide to Choosing a Still: What to Know Before You Make a Purchase
from Liz Fulcher

$37 Value*

WINNER: Amy Lechner

If you work with essential oils and/or hydrosols, you’re no doubt aware that plant distillation at home has become very popular.

If you’re intrigued about plant distillation and starting to look for your first still, you’ll have lots of questions!

This class will give you the opportunity to get your questions answered as I help to demystify all the equipment to consider before investing one penny.

My goal is to give you an overview of the different kinds of stills for different purposes as well as tell you about the variations in quality.

I want you to have an understanding of what is available and the confidence to choose the still that is right for your distillation goals.

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  • ✔️Exclusive VIP-ONLY Events
  • ✔️VIP-ONLY Speaker Bonuses
  • ✔️Continued VIP Replay Access
  • ✔️Transcripts & Audio for each session
  • ✔️VIP Follow-up Events AFTER the Summit

PAT or Personal Coaching Session: VIP's choice
from Melissa Holman

$397 Value*

WINNER: Farnoosh Abasi

Here is your chance to experience the Personal Aromatic Transformation OR a Life Coaching session with Master Coach and RA, Melissa Holman. Inside the Personal Aromatic Transformation, you will walk through the entire PAT from start to finish; creating your own personal inhaler and finishing up with your individual, one-of-a-kind meditation session.

If you choose to a Life Coaching session, you will receive a 90 minute deep dive session focused on whatever area you feel needs some specialized attention.

Either way, you will walk away from your session having experienced Masterfully designed and led Transformation.

Natural Emollient Lotions Class
rom Danielle Sade

$75 Value*

WINNER: Sharon Buffitt

The natural emollient formulation online class is a dynamic learning experience. In the class you will learn how to make emulsions for moisturizers and lotions.

Join Danielle Sade for a live webinar where she will walk you through the process of creating emulsions for your personal care products.

The online school portal gives you access to:

  • Six-month access to Healing Fragrances Essential Oil Database
  • Six-month access to Healing Fragrances Carrier Oil Database
  • Six-month access to Healing Fragrances Raw Ingredients and Preservative Database
  • Healing Fragrances Formulation Calculator
    Danielle Sade’s Cosmetic Emulsion
  • Formulation Booklet
  • Also, access to a live online class with Danielle Sade. Where she will guide you in a step by step process on how to make Natural Botanical Cosmetic Emollients

You will learn about:

  • The oil phase in making natural cosmetic emollients
  • The water phase in making natural cosmetic emollients
  • The emulsifying phase in natural cosmetic emollients
  • When and how to add raw ingredients, preservatives, and essential oils.
Aromatherapy Self-Care pampering Bundle
from Kathy Wilcox

$100 Value*

WINNER: Katie Sgambellone

A collection of handcrafted products based on my custom intention blends including 2 body creams, 2 sugar scrubs, 3 bath bombs and 2 2 diffuser bracelets. Select from one of my scent blends based on your personal preferences or allow me to choose for you! Pictures shown are examples of my products.

*Shipping only within the continental US.

AromaSense Advanced + 1 hour tutoring session
from Lynette Crouse

$102 Value*

WINNER: Renata Grebliuniene

Winner receives a personal copy of AromaSense Advanced as well as a one-hour live tutoring session with me to help jumpstart your AromaSense journey.

Aromatherapy Self Care Clarity Call
with Betty Torres

$150 Value*

WINNER: Katie Chester

On our Aromatherapy Clarity Call we will create a Self Care plan that will set you on a path towards daily emotional and spiritual well being. We will also identify the top 3 essential oils that will suit you best in order to nourish your soul.

One-On-One Trauma Informed Discussion
with Cynthia Tamlyn

$200 Value*

WINNER: Teresa Thompson

One hour of a private one on one discussion with Cynthia covering issues of complex post traumatic stress disorder, and asking the right questions to ensure your healthcare providers are truly trauma informed. You can ask questions if you have specific concerns, we’ll also talk about the long term health impact of C-PTSD and ways to minimize the risk factors for serious health impact.

Your Zone of Genius Coaching
with Renèe Hughes

$497 Value

WINNER: Rosemarie Ilic

These are two power packed strategy sessions with Renèe to help you uncover and implement what you want to be known for in your business. This clarity and related messaging is what will set you apart as you go about building your practice or course.

CBD + Aromatherapy Bath Bundle
from Kayla Fioravanti

$76 Value*

WINNER: Amber Starry

CBD Bath Soak, CBD Bath Bomb, Amber Scrub, and a signed copy of “The Art, Science and Business of e: Your Essential Oil & Entrepreneurship Guide” by Kayla Fioravanti. Who doesn’t like a bath with luxurious essentials oils, butters and epsom salts? If you aren’t much of a bath person, we think we can change your mind with our Hemp CBD Bath Soak and Bath Bomb! In the bath or show you can keep your skin healthy and glowing with the Amber Body Scrub! This scrub is made with shea butter, medicinal mushrooms, pure CBD and the perfect amber essential oil blend. And enjoy a signed copy of “The Art, Science, and Business of Aromatherapy” by Kayla Fioravanti.

*Only ships within the continental United States.

1:1 2-3 hour Video Call Session
with Jane Lawson

$155 Value*

WINNER: Angie Koenigsberg

I am offering a 2-3 hour video call session for a 1on1 assessment of which essential oils are best suited for the winner so they don’t waste money buying EO’s which could be wholly inappropriate for them. They can then build up their own bespoke collection.

I will also send them handouts on each of the Essential Oils that have been selected, so they have their own ‘directory.’

Kiki's Travel Kit (Dogs)
from Ginger Andro

$29 Value*

WINNER: Lucy Coppes

Kiki’s Travel Kit in a compact pouch is essential equipment for anyone who likes to journey with their dog.

The Travel Kit includes Calming, Bug Stuff and Wound Cleaner sprays in 1oz plastic bottles, our Paw Paw Herbal Salve for pad protection and a flower essence blend called Help! for acute anxiety.

*Only ships within the continental United States.

Frankincense Starter Kit Plus
from Robin Kessler

$100 Value*

WINNER: Anita Miller

  • Frankincense Resins The Journey and Beyond Book and Companion PDF
  • 1- Resin starter kit of 1 oz resin consisting of
  • Dammar Copa
  • Boswellia serrata
  • Boswellia carteri (1st grade)
  • Boswellia papyrifera
  • Commiphora guidottii (opoponax)
  • Frankincense Boswellia carteri 1st Grade
  • Boswellic Acid Extract Lotion 2 oz
  • 1 pkg of Frankincense Boswellia carteri Tea Light Candles (4 to package)

*Only ships within the continental United States.

Kim Morrison Essential Self Care Weekend
with Kim Morrison

$250 Value*

WINNER: Lisa Caughman

Are you ready to surrender and let go of demands and responsibilities for a whole weekend? Ready to give yourself a break and step away from the pressures and worries of our crazy world right now?

Whilst we know we cannot control the things that happen to us or around us, we know we can control the way we respond to them.

So here is a chance to step into your truth, reclaim your power and tap into the unlimited potential of your mind, body, heart and soul.

Presented by Australasia’s leading self-love and aromatherapy expert Kim Morrison, the Essential Self Care Weekend is an incredible opportunity to indulge, recharge and upskill the vital secrets for a positive mindset and healthy body.

The Essential Self Care Weekend has something to offer everyone who is desiring more peace, ease, balance, strength, and happiness. It is for those who wish to remove limiting emotions and beliefs and feel real freedom.

The aim of this beautiful weekend is to use powerful self-care rituals and life skills to:

  • heal inspire, nurture and calm
  • reduce stress, anxiety, and health challenges
  • look and feel 10 years younger naturally
  • practice mindfulness and meditation with ease
  • stop negativity and fear from holding you back
  • reduce toxins from your environment with ease
  • stop people and events from triggering you
  • understand different personalities for more meaningful relationships
  • use essential oils for everyday concerns like an expert
  • master the art of self-love